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Just some of the comments that our visitors have left us over the months. You can leave your own comments in our feedback area. There are some more comments on the archive comments page.

"I do a Box Office job for shows at the Town Hall. The town centre map is most useful to guide customers from outlying districts to the Town Hall car park. Thank you."

LB, Maidenhead, UK, 8 March 2008

"I began working with a client today. They are located in Maidenhead and I was curious to know about where they lived and worked. You have a lovely site. Makes me want to visit!!"

MM, Arizona, USA, 26 November 2007

"I grew up in St. Marks Crescent and went to Maidenhead High School in the 50's. Whenever I get nostalgic I go on this website and marvel at how good it is. Thank you."

JD, Los Angeles, USA, 8 November 2007

"Lived in Maidenhead thirty years ago, and was taking a nostalgic journey down memory lane! The website is very easy to use, and the photo tour excellent. Thanks for being there."

SB, Preston, UK, 17 February 2006

"Thank you for your site , very helpful ........... great, informative site.Shaun."

SS, Melbourne, Australia, 14 January 2006

"As a foreign company, we found your website very imformative and helpful when we look into relevent information about Maidenhead--the town we are going to set up our operation at."

DH, China, 8 August 2005

"I will be visiting your area in May, and have found your site invaluable"

KS, 10 April 2005

"Loved this site. So well thought out and comprehensive. Just wanted to let you know that you have not put your clock forward yet - otherwise nigh on perfection."

CH, Camberley, 30 March 2005 - We have corrected the clock on the main page, thanks for letting us know!

"I thank you so much for the wonderful website!!"

MM, USA, 26 March 2005

"Congratulations on your website, particularly the pretty pictures!!"

SP, London, 16 March 2005

"Good site, very informative and good layout. I found all the relevant information about Maidenhead I wanted to know."

RC, Surrey, 16 March 2005

"We are looking to move to Maidenhead and have found that the information is very useful."

IH, Weybridge, 12 January 2005

"Great to remember places were I was 10 years ago, as I was an Au-Pair in Burnham, Studied and had fun in Maidenhead, East Berkshire College to improve my English!! and lots of walk abouts in your nice town!"

L, Barcelona Spain, 11 January 2005

"I think this is a excellent website."

VA, Raleigh USA, 30 December 2004

"hi! thank you very much.. the site is great.."

MM, Hamburg Germany, 29 December 2004

"It has been really helpful for a project i'm doing at the moment ..... its a great website and its been exactly what i've needed when i've been on it previously - thanks!"

Anon, Maidenhead, 1 September 2004

"I think this site is very good."

MP, Maidenhead, 8 July 2004

"Excellent restaurant guide, and really useful that Multimap links through to it."

PM, Beaconsfield, 2 July 2004

"Good designed website. It is my first time in Maidenhead. It is a nice city."

WS, Vienna, Austria , 12 May 2004

"Enjoyed your website very much. Sometimes, when I stumble across a treasure as this site, I feel like I just started surfing the web. Bringing beautiful countryside and travel ‘round the world... Thanks again for a lovely pastime this evening strolling through your countryside."

JM, Gap, Pennsylvania USA , 28 February 2004

"This is one of the best laid out websites that I have ever been too. I will be traveling to Maidenhead next week and I found everything I needed to know about the city, area attractions, great maps and places of interests I should see.....GOOD JOB!"

LF, Dallas, Texas USA , 26 October 2003

"The confusion-buster of back-packers, the site is rich with information about one of the most culturally rich counties in England. It provides all the information required to make a success of your foray into the beautiful countryside of Maidenhead. Deserves a top-star rating."

K, London, 26 September 2003

"Very good site"

DP, Maidenhead, 25 September 2003

"I was cruising around the internet, going on a memory lane journey, when I typed in the name of a bar I used to work at in England. Low and behold, there was a beautiful picture of Bar Metro....I just wanted to say thanks...for the memory!"

MW, Canada, 15 August 2003

Because I lived in Maidenhead from 1983 till 1988, I clicked on the when I was actually visiting another site, quite likely by the same owner; that site provided very useful information about radio stations that can be captured within the M25. That site already impressed me with its information and its gentle, understated style.
The same relaxed style came back in the; not an easy thing to achieve if you live in south-east England. The 'tour' brought back many memories, some sad, most happy - and the eating and drinking guide made me realise that during a 15 year absence many things change....
Thank you so much for both these sites; they're wonderful and it's great that this kind of information is there for everyone to enjoy. And by the way: this is the first time ever I feel compelled to pay someone a compliment for their web-site."

HG, Nerac, France, 5 July 2003

"I am visiting Maidenhead for Technical Training [from Dubai], your web site was my guide to book in the hotel, to make full schedule of my trip including visiting interesting places, finding suitable resturants, city guide, etc. Thanks for your great efforts."

MAQ, Dubai UAE, 22 June 2003

"Great site. I'm an EXPAT from Moffat St....Keep up the good work."

TW, USA, 6 May 2003

"Thanks for the useful eating & drinking guide!"

DM, Maidenhead, 26 April 2003

"I like the good, clear layout and the links from the front page....Keep up the good work!"

SP, UK, 11 April 2003

"Well done on your top listing on Google."

MT, Maidenhead, 11 March 2003 - a guest house owner referring to our excellent results when searching for Maidenhead accommodation

"I did print off a eating guide as well as a history of Maidenhead. Our family were quite enthralled with your site and it proved to be very informative for all of us."

ML, Ontario, Canada, 7 March 2003

"The maidenhead website is brilliant a love to look at it every day to see whats happening in my towm."

NL, Cookham, 6 March 2003

"I think that is very informative and easy to use."

LP, Surrey, 4 January 2003

"My daughter lives in Maidenhead (Heather) .... I had the opportunity to visit her last May. I fell in love with the town and everything there that I had time to see .... Thank you so much for the site. It was like a visit with Heather."

CL, USA, 19 October 2002

"I haven't been in Maidenhead yet but I certainly will because your web page is great and is definitely inviting me to go and visit soon. Thank you :-)"

MR, London, 16 October 2002

"I throughly enjoyed visiting your photo tour of Maidenshead. What a beautiful area. Thanks for all your input."

JO, Maryland USA, 11 August 2002

"We like your site and would like to be part of it"

NH, Maidenhead, 27 March 2002

"When people are moving into the area, your website is an excellent way of finding out about Maidenhead."

JW, Maidenhead, 19 March 2002

"My daughter and her husband recently left New Zealand for their Big OE (the young NZers rite of passage-OE= Overseas Experience). Today I had an email from them telling me that they had work and a flat in Maidenhead. It was the most wonderful thing to go to your website and be able to put some surroundings around them, especially as they are not great on detail. Your site has it all. Thank you."

KM, New Zealand, 8 March 2002

"Good site, like the frank and honest reviews"

RM, Windsor, 23 November 2001

"Very useful"

TS, Swindon, 12 November 2001

"My daughter & I ..... found Maidenhead and the entire area such a joy. I do want to return someday. I really can return (in a way) by looking at your sight on my computer. Thank you"

NV, USA, 11 November 2001

"Excellent site! I am new to the area and browsing through your site has given me loads of ideas of places to visit around the area, and interesting historical information about the area."

TH, Maidenhead, 2 October 2001

"I love it! My grandmother was from Maidenhead.....I found this site and am printing off pages of it to show to my mother.....who is 90 and is totally mystified as to how 'they' can get these pictures so clear and how I can get them right here off my computer. Amazing to her and wonderful of you to do it!....Thank you very much!"

ML, Oregon, USA, 11 August 2001

"It was so nice to see the many places that I enjoyed when I lived in Cookham Rise from 1959 to 1962, brings back some very fond memories. Thank you so much for a great web site."

JB, Ohio, USA, 5 August 2001

"For one born and bred in Maidenhead this site is good. Many thanks to all concerned."

BH, Cookham, 24 July 2001

"Keep up the good work!"

SSJ, Massachsetts, USA, 19 July 2001

"I will come back... your site is good...... thanks to remember me this city..."

B, Cossato Italy, 18 July 2001

"I was really delighted by the look-and-feel of your website..."

PF, Finland, 16 July 2001

"I just moved in Maidenhead and I would like to know more about it. is a good way to do it as it is easy to surf and full of 'goodies'."

FL, Maidenhead, 14 July 2001

"Super stuff, I'm an Ex-pat from Norfolk Road now living near Chicago, your wonderful pictures made me feel quite homesick. Please keep it up."

JM, IL, USA, 12 July 2001

"I will be visiting Maidenhead soon....The site is just a mine of information.....very helpful"

CM, Sydney, Australia, 21 June 2001

"Very informative, looking forward to coming back for the summer and become a local this time not a tourist!"

DW, Aukland New Zealand, 31 May 2001

"Have enjoyed first visit - look forward to more."

LG, Holyport, 29 May 2001

"Congratulations on an excellent site..."

BH, 26 May 2001

"The site is getting better all the time, and it's a great local resource..."

TB, Maidenhead, 24 May 2001

"My daughter & family live in Maidenhead and I enjoy checking on the website from time to time, to see what is new there."

SS, Massachusetts USA, 22 May 2001

"We thoroughly enjoyed the three years that we spent in Maidenhead and were delighted to find such an informative site to keep up up-to-date on our former home. Thank you!"

TA, California USA, 22 May 2001

"Very much enjoyed my nose around your site."

K, Maidenhead, 22 April 2001

"I used to live there when I was a little girl in Cox Green so it was nice to look to see how much it has changed, it is a brilliant site well done "

C, Cambridgeshire, 22 March 2001

"We have looked at your site and think it is very good."

F & N, Maidenhead, 22 March 2001

"I am a regular user of this site with regards to business, your hotel guide is outstanding.....I really love the site and use it all the time..."

LS, Maidenhead, 5 March 2001

"Good site well done."

SG, Maidenhead, 27 February 2001

"Very useful site!"

PB, Marlow, 26 February 2001

"A very great site!!! I have to do my Practical experience in Maidenhead in June, for 5 months. And i like it already!!! It seems very nice! I found here a lot information! Thanks!!!"

OG, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 25 February 2001

"Loved your site, its the first time I've been able to see the place where my Great grandmother came from."

MB, Tauranga, New Zealand, 23 February 2001

"As I am researching family ancestors a friend emailed this site to me and my husband and I have a much better idea of where his family came from. We feel as though we have taken an afternoon trip to Maidenhead! This site is fantastic!"

DM, Canada, 23 February 2001

"Congratulations on an excellent site.....I stumbled on this website and have just spent about 45 minutes looking at the pictures, reading about the history etc. Its brought back a lot of good memories.....Apart from the obvious interest from my perspective I thought the layout and the detail and information contained within the site was excellent."

JW, Stoke, 15 January 2001

"Great site!"

CB, California USA, 14 January 2001


ML, Maidenhead, 5 January 2001

"...the photos of the floods on the website are very good."

MB, Maidenhead, 21 December 2000

"As a Maidonian, living in Lancaster for university purposes, I enjoyed looking through this sites, showing friends where I am from, very informative and well laid out!"

CB, Lancaster UK, 16 December 2000


Anon, Kettering UK, 30 November 2000

"I used your info for a quick stop in Maidenhead last autumn and will return in warmer weather to explore the charm of that lovely town. Great site, by the way."

PG, USA, 29 November 2000

"Really superb and enlightening, the old photos are fantastic."

NS, Maidenhead, 14 November 2000

"An excellent site - informative, nice layout, easy to navigate around. Am coming to Maidenhead on business in a couple of weeks - used it to find out about floods and accommodation etc. Has to be one of the very best visitor sites I have used. Well done."

JM, Lancashire UK, 12 November 2000

"You have done very well! A really good page."

AK, Germany, 10 November 2000

"It's a great site.......very informative, makes me want to visit!! Keep up the good work!"

EM, Georgia USA, 22 September 2000

"Great format, friendly and quick. Lots of info. Ahhh! Memories."

RS, Crib Point Australia, 19 September 2000

"Excellent site. I just typed in Maidenhead on the Yahoo site to find out the population of Maidenhead as my Boyfriend has just bought a flat there, and in turn I got loads of info I needed!"

ER, Rayleigh UK, 18 September 2000

"Just finished surfing your site. Wonderful! My mother is from Maidenhead and when I related some of the things I saw on the site I believe she actually wished she had a PC...Thanks for a very nice web site."

IL, USA, 13 September 2000

"Found this site very interesting as I was visiting for just the summer. Loved the photographic tour and was able to show family and friends where I was staying. Keep up the good work."

L, Aberdeen, 16 August 2000

"Brilliant,my wife originates from Cookham, and it was good to have a look round at her old stomping ground. One of the best put together sites we've come across so far, many thanks"

MP, Lewes, 14 August 2000

"As an ex-Maidonian, I was delighted to find your wonderful web site, which bought back many reminders of my childhood and early adult life in and around Maidenhead."

TL, Surrey, 10 August 2000

"This site is very interesting. My husband is from Maidenhead, parents still live there, I am sure he will make good use of your site. I have really enjoyed it. Great site to visit to see what is happening later in the year when we visit. Thankyou"

HN, New Zealand, 16 July 2000

"As a Maidonian myself born and brought up here I found it brilliant I didn't know it existed until my daughter visited it for her project on Maidenhead. It was very useful and very interesting. Now I can tell my friends abroad to visit it and see the lovely town where I live. My favourite part of Maidenhead has always been the Clock Tower it is so beautiful and so very Victorian - long may it stand. Keep up the excellent work - now we have found you we will visit you more often."

RS, Maidenhead, 9 July 2000

"Though I have lived here all my life, there is still a lot to learn about my home town. It's great to see Maidenhead put on a map."

LH, Maidenhead, 28 June 2000

"it is a nice site very user friendly"

CA, Burnham, 26 June 2000

"This is a wonderful resource! Thank you for providing very thoughtful reviews and excellent directions. I'm looking forward to a great vacation in July 2000!"

SP, Seattle, USA, 23 June 2000

"I have been using this site a lot over the last two weeks and have found it amazingly helpful and interesting, the accomodation listing is incredibly helpful......I do find this site incredible and will be using it frequently and will pass on details to anyone who needs help in Impressed Maidenhead citizen."

LS, Maidenhead, 22 June 2000

"Congratulations on quick coverage of Shoppenhangers fire."

TS, 20 June 2000, after our news report covering a fire with photos appeared within around 6 hours of the incident.

"My father worked in Skindles about fifty years ago and we lived in Furze Platt... So you can appreciate the very pleasant surprise on coming across your page and its contents. My mother, who is also in Australia will be thrilled when she sees what I have downloaded. Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories."

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