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Bar Metro Pub/bar   Map ref: A
81 Queen Street Tel: 01628 620870

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This bar used to be The Jack of Both Sides. In early 2000 it was refurbished and reopened with the new name. The interior has been smartened up and now comes in shades of green and blue, with a couple of sofas giving a Friends' "Central Perk" look. The corner plot lends itself to an interestingly shaped interior, it also has a small split level section. Loud music. London Pride bitter served at the bar. It's a shame that some superb wacky interior design, including a table with full ashtray and chair mounted upside down on the ceiling, was removed in the redesign of the pub.

Update! November 2001 - Bar Metro has now closed and is soon to be opened as a Honeypot.

Photo taken June 2000

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