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Here's some of the comments we have received, dating from a while ago. You can see more recent comments here. You can leave your own comments in our feedback area.

"The most beautifull place I've seen so far. Woodened mind to absolutely visit there myself sometime. .... I'll keep up to date by browsing here often. Keep this site as nice as it is, and Maidenhead and it's surrounding places so clean and beautifull."

E, Pretoria, South Africa, 24 May 2000

"SUPERB...Fantastic Photos and a fine in-depth study of the Village. I will be re-locating to the area. Could you provide a list of schools and Places to rent? And possibly rental costs?"

GH, Florida - USA, 16 May 2000

"We were in Maidenhead for 3 months in 1998. Looking at your website has made us remember what a beautiful village Maidenhead is and the great time we had there."

PN, Broome - Western Australia, 16 May 2000

"This is a beautiful tribute to a pleasant place!...I am from New York and visit England often. I thought I would visit Maidenhead...and this past October I finally made it. The pictures are both pretty and comprehensive, the links are great, and the information is more than I'll get from a travel book here in America. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to returning for another visit (had a great lunch in The Vine near the High Street)."

PG, NY USA, 10 May 2000

"...the website has been very, very helpful--I cannot wait to visit!!"

LM, Seattle USA, 26 April 2000

"...may I say that I think that the Maidenhead website is great - our [Maidenhead-based] company has a lot of visitors from around the country and abroad and it has proved an invaluable assistant in arranging things such as accommodation and eating out."

SD, Maidenhead, 18 April 2000

"Excellent site."

RDH, Maidenhead, 5 April 2000

"Your website has to be one of the best in promoting a town and area. The photographs are excellent and the highlights certainly emphasis a great lifestyle."

MB, Canada, 2 April 2000

"Visiting this site has been like reliving a delightful holiday. It has made me want to return and see all the places I missed on two previous visits. Well done!"

KM, USA, 30 March 2000

"I clicked on to your visual tour of Maidenhead and it is brilliant, truly amazing; to someone like me who is still struggling with a box Brownie, the photography is amazing."

BH, Maidenhead, 29 March 2000

"I've just spent two hours early this morning viewing your excellent photography in the Maidenhead series of photos and histories and maps and editorials.....Thanks for a tour of Maidenhead from afar. A vicarious holiday. I really enjoyed it."

EE, Canada, 26 March 2000

"i hope to visit your city 1 june 2000 or very close to it ...very nice web site. i got alot of info, without it i would probably have ended up in london"

RT, USA, 12 March 2000

"A nice little site. I hardly ever go into Maidenhead....I wanted to find a few local attractions/venues....which I've now found....Very useful!"

DC, Cookham, 11 March 2000

"Your site makes it easy to find lodging and food. It also brings back great memories!"

IH, NJ - USA, 6 March 2000

"Great web site. If only there had been computers and your web site when we first emigrated to Canada in 1968, I'm sure I would have been less home sick!....The scenic tour is very good, with a lovely selection of pictures that [aaah!!] bring back memories!....So, thanks a lot!! It makes me want to come over again soon!"

ED, Canada, 5 March 2000

"Great pubs page!....By the way, the coverage of Maidenhead on your site is so vastly superior to the information-poor coverage of [***** local town name removed] on their various sites, that I chose to spend the past weekend based in Maidenhead rather than [*****] and distributed about 160 in your town instead of theirs."

JW, Germany, 23 January 2000

"I thoroughly enjoyed my trip around Maidenhead, there is plenty of information and the photographs are lovely. A well set up site. Congratulations!"

RK, Tom Prince Australia, 8 December 1999

"I am considering moving to Maidenhead as my company is relocating to Windsor. Searching the Internet brought me to your sites which provided me with comprehensive information about all aspects of life in Maidenhead. Thank-You - you have saved me a great deal of time on research of the area. Keep up the great work!"

CT, Edgware, 11 November 1999

"Thank you for......the excellent information on the internet."

BB, Florida USA, 25 October 1999

"Well done on the excellent web site"

AE, Maidenhead, 15 October 1999

"One place I really do miss though is BJ`s....the demolition pics on the Maidenhead pub site almost bring a tear - ah well, I`ve got my memories."

DN, Melbourne Australia, 2 September 1999

"First let me congratulate you on a very good web-site. It does Maidenhead proud..."

DL, Maidenhead, 18 August 1999

The Maidenhead Pub Guide is "...the best web guide to pubs in the area"

CAMRA Angle Summer 1999 - the newsletter of Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) branch

"This is the best locality site I have ever visited. I feel that I have visited the place already."

IR, Sydney Australia, 12 August 1999

"The pictures are beautiful. I love English History. It was fascinating."

DH, Texas USA, 30 July 1999

"An interesting site. I shall visit again. I am a Maidenhead resident and was interested to read the History page."

LB, Maidenhead, 28 July 1999

"I've never seen any better information about a city like Maidenhead. Especially the pubguide was very detailed and extremely interesting. Thanks for such a brilliant service!"

MM, Germany, 20 July 1999

"It was such a pleasure to discover your site on Maidenhead......your site is really comprehensive and I feel like I know of this place even before I have visited it."

VB, South Africa, 26 May 1999

"It was a real pleasure to stumble unexpectedly on your delightful site."

DP, Hertfordshire UK, 15 May 1999

"Well done on an excellent web-site - very informative"

A reader from Wellington, New Zealand, 29 March 1999

"Very Beautiful site, nice Pictures"

A visitor, 14 March 1999

"Outstanding pages!"

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