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Monday 19 June 2000

The fire brigade was called to a major fire near Shoppenhangers Manor this evening. The 13th century barn near Manor Lane was ablaze as the photos show. Over half of the barn is destroyed though the main Manor house itself remains.

The barn was owned by the adjacent Holiday Inn hotel, and is close to a petrol station on Shoppenhangers Road. The barn was used for storage by the hotel.

The blaze comes during a period of extrememly hot weather, which may have accelerated the fire. The fire started at around 6pm and was brought under control by 35 firemen.

A fireman tackles the blaze

The burning remains

Top: A fireman tackles the blaze.

Right: The burning embers after the fire.

The barn is about 1.5 miles from the town centre. Smoke could be seen from all around the town.

A group of children were said to have been seen running away from the barn as the fire started.

Guests at the Holiday Inn were evacuated whilst the fire was brought under control. There were no injuries.

The barn after the fireLeft: The barn after the fire

Bottom: A wider view of the barn
A wider view of the barn


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