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Changes on the site during 1999

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24 December 1999
Millennium party section updated.

17 December 1999
More links and accommodation page updated.

10 December 1999
More comments added, more books in the bookshop.

8 December 1999
Accommodation area updated.

4 December 1999
Christmas information added - shopping times and more. Information pages updated with new council tax and telephone details.

25 November 1999
Get involved area updated - more customer sites to browse.

23 November 1999
Desborough Bowling Club site opened. Sports & Leisure area updated. Town map updated.

20 November 1999
More comments. Mystery painting page updated. Bookshop updated.

12 November 1999
Accommodation page updated, new web site for Red Roof Cottage bed & breakfast.

6 November 1999
Accommodation page updated, more comments, Maidenhead mailing list page updated - are you a member yet? Sports & Leisure section updated.

24 October 1999
Front page reformatted. Sports and Leisure area updated.

23 October 1999
Train travel details updated. Links updated.

19 October 1999
Train travel details updated.

13 October 1999
Train travel details updated.

11 October 1999
Find-a-home - a new section for home finders - home buying, selling or renting. And a new link.

10 October 1999
New link in Sports & Leisure section.

9 October 1999
Travel section updated to include bus routes and timetables.

7 October 1999
History section - more postcards added. Libraries section updated. Sports & Leisure section updated.

6 October 1999
Travel section introduced.

5 October 1999
Get invloved section updated.

4 October 1999
Sports & leisure area updated.

26 September 1999
More links. Another press release.

25 September 1999
Town centre map now has active links to points of interest - try it! Some more visitor comments. Also, history section updated with some postcards from the 1940's.

20 September 1999
New Sports & Leisure section.

12 September 1999
New link.

19 August 1999
New featured hotel in the accommodation section.

11 August 1999
New press area, for the media. Library phone number updated in information section.

3 August 1999
Links section updated. A page about linking to maidenhead.net is added.

30 July 1999
Knowl Hill added to tour. Also, map section revised and updated with maps of Cookham and Holyport and new Maidenhead town maps.

22 July 1999
Get involved....how to get your business, company or organisation on the web with maidenhead.net

21 July 1999
Link added to a recommended hotel in accommodation section.

19 July 1999
Search engine added - you can now search the maidenhead.net site. Links section updated.

24 June 1999
Windsor section in the tour updated.

20 June 1999
Some more links and a visitor comments page in the about section.

19 June 1999
News area updated - Grenfell island works progress.

15 June 1999
New library opening times.

14 June 1999
A new link in the links section.

2 June 1999
Link added to a recommended hotel in accommodation section.

23 May 1999
Maps updated to show some points of interest.

10 May 1999
Maidenhead Carnival section added.

9 May 1999
Two new entries - The Jolly Woodman and The Blackwood Arms - and an update to The Grenfell Arms in the pub guide.

3 May 1999
More camp sites and caravan parks added to accommodation area.

2 May 1999
Changes to the pub guide, including a new symbol system and a review of the Queen Victoria. More new links.

10 April 1999
Changes to the pub guide - in particular The Custom House and The Hand and Flowers. Another new link.

6 April 1999
A new link in the links section. Camp sites added to accommodation area.

29 March 1999
Bookshop opened, with maps, street plans and local books available.

28 March 1999
Lots more links, including local major employers like Hitachi.

15 March 1999
Grenfell island news update, hotel details updated.

7 March 1999
A new link in the links section.

25 February 1999
An independent review of The Inn On The Green, also reviewed in our pub guide. New easy-to-print town centre map, as requested by a reader, in the maps section.

21 February 1999
Pub guide updated, including newly reviewed pub The Bell in Waltham St Lawrence.

20 February 1999
Links updated.

17 February 1999
Links updated.

29 January 1999
Maidenhead.net is added to the Maidenhead webring, along with the Maidenhead Mailing List page.

17 January 1999
More external links added.

9 January 1999
Cookham Tavern and Old Red Lion added to pub guide. Town history section added, including a mystery painting section. Main page photo changed.

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