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Maidenhead.net was launched on 15 November 1998. The site is about the town in Berkshire, England and is aimed at residents, visitors and anyone interested in finding out about the town and the surrounding area, including Cookham, Bray and other villages.

Maidenhead.net is run by local web development company ClockTowerWeb Ltd, who can be contacted on 01628 681596 or by using the feedback area.

In this section you can view more information about: Some visitor comments
Some visitor comments

Here's a suggested itinerary if you haven't visited maidenhead.net, or Maidenhead itself, before:
  • Find out where Maidenhead is
  • Take a photographic tour of the town and surrounding area
  • Read about the town's history
  • Then check out the Eating & Drinking Guide
  • Pick out whatever else interests you from the top page - sports & leisure for example
  • Search for something particular
  • Leave us some feedback - tell us what you thought and what else you would like to see

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