Cinema complex work begins - News - Cinema complex work begins

Central Maidenhead is already looking different thanks to the efforts of contractors who have started work on the cinema/office block complex on Grenfell island. The site has been an eyesore for years. See the initial announcement for details of the proposals.

The works involves excavating the island area in preparation for the foundations of the new buildings. The following pictures were taken in February 1999.

Grenfell island, the area to be redeveloped. The building on the right is occupied by Cincom. In the centre background you can see the Jubilee Clock Tower. The new dual carriageway will snake from the left to the right and then towards the photographer.
The purple painted building in the centre of the background was occupied by Peakes. Old office blocks can be seen being knocked down.
The brown building centre left is The Bell public house. In summer 2000 the hole in the foreground will be a cinema complex.

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