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February 1999 will see the start of the biggest change in Maidenhead town centre for years. The Grenfell island site which currently contains a gravel car park is to be redeveloped in a 45 million scheme by developers Castlemore. The plan for the site, approved on Tuesday 24 November 1998, includes

Grenfell island Grenfell island, the area to be redeveloped. Broadway stretches away to the left and a right turn takes you down King Street, behind the shops that are visible. The car park can be seen in front of the shops.

The cinema is due to open in the summer of 2000. Work on the dual carriageway will start in May 1999. Take a look at the town centre map showing where the work is to take place. thinks:

This is great news for the town. Currently the nearest cinemas are in Slough, Bracknell and High Wycombe, at least 15 minutes drive. The site has been an eyesore for some time and the redevelopment will give King Street the popularity it deserves. Its proximity to Queen Street will also help revive this street which is looking rather tatty at the moment. It will also allow a full circle to be walked - High Street, King Street, Queen Street - with shops, bars and restaurants along the whole route. The dual carriageway will be a great improvement, allowing an easy flow of North/South traffic on the A308, and giving King Street a much-needed break from vehicles.

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