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Chicago Rock Café Pub/bar Restaurant   Map ref: H
54-56 Queen Street Tel: 01628 783721

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The Chicago Rock Cafe reopened at the beginning of December 2003 after a £1.5m refurbishment.

This used to be Zoots night-club (see the history section), which was closed and transformed into Chicago Rock Cafe in May 1998. One of a large chain, they provide for every requirement of an evening's entertainment. They call it EATertainment. Instead of going from pub to restaurant to night-club for drink, food and dancing respectively, the idea is you can spend the whole evening in one of these places. There are around 60 Chicago Rock Cafe's now (July 2004). Exterior changes to the Maidenhead building during the original change to the chain included the addition of windows - Zoots (a night-club) didn't have any.

Beers include the normal largers (not a place for real ale fans. Food such as steaks, chicken, pasta, salad, fajitas, and vegetarian options are available. Music is categorised into what they call "greatest classic hits of all time", ranging from 1957-1995.

Children welcome until 7.30pm. Regular live bands. Fire limit is a stunning 750. Owned by Luminar Leisure.

Open from 11.30am to 1 am Monday to Saturday (12 midday to 10.30pm on Sundays).

Admission charges:
Sun to Tues: Free
Wed & Thurs: £2.00 after 11pm
Fri: £2.00 after 10pm £3.00 after 11pm
Sat: £3.00 after 10pm £4.00 after 11pm

Eto Demerzel writes on 8 January 2003:

£2.80 for a pint of Fosters? Nuff said.

Andrea Blunden writes on 21 June 2003:

Have visited Chicago Rock Cafe subsequent to reading your review by way of background info. I think your review [now removed because of its age] may be out-of-date and will be even more so as they say they are having improvements during the summer. We had a great time - the food was terrific and in ample portions, the music was great and ther were no 18 year olds spoiling our fun! P.S. Loved your website!

Miss Bartlett writes on 18 June 2004:

I went to Chicargo Rock [for] my hen night 4 weeks ago and had the most fantasic time. We had a meal and were looked after a 'Party Host' called Danny. The service was very good and the music was the kind we like to dance too, and I didn't feel to old as the age of people in there was probabaly 25 plus. It's nice to have somewhere to go where you won't be standing next to an 18 year old at the bar.

Photo taken June 2000

Why not add your comments to this review?

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