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Zoots used to be a night club at 54-56 Queen Street. It closed in February 1998. Zoots was Maidenhead's only real night-club. Before being renamed Zoots it was also called Cinderella's and then 5th Avenue (around 1993). It was not to everyone's taste but as night clubs go, there were far worse. The bouncers were not fussy about who they let in, jeans were OK. Perhaps that's why violence outside was not unusual. There was a main dance-floor on the lower level and a smaller dance floor above, with big windows so you could see what was going on downstairs. The Saturday crowd was not too young - a mix of ages. Zoot's music was the standard dance stuff downstairs and older 70s/80s disco stuff upstairs, appealing to the older dancers. It was quite smart inside and most clubers were young and dressed well. Opened 9.30 pm - 2.00 am.

In February 1998 the Luminar Leisure-owned night club was turned into a Chicago Rock Cafe modernising it inside and out, see the Eating & Drinking guide for a review.

In 2009(?) the location was taken over and began trading as Roma Club.

Photograph taken July 1997

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