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With this basic package, your site will include:

  • up to 5 images (logos/photos etc.)
  • your company address/phone/fax/email details
  • details of your products or services
  • an overall image in your "corporate style"
  • hidden "meta tags" - codes that search engines understand which help people looking for your site

Included in the price, your site will be:

  • hosted (stored) at your unique URL (web address) -
  • submitted to the most popular search engines enabling your company to be found
  • linked-to from the main site
  • hosted (stored) for one year
  • updated up to twice per year, changing no more than 10% of the contents each time

For an example site see the Gilbraiths bed and breakfast site. Voices Anon is another example, created for a local choir. Yet another is Red Roofs at Oldfield - a bed and breakfast site. The Rosemary Lettings site is another example, but with extra pages. See also the Kingfisher Serviced Apartments example.

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This page last updated 26 June 2007