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Our pages are rich in content - that gets visitors interested and motivated. If you already have a web site, your company/organisation name can be presented to our visitors with a link to your site. This is a great opportunity to generate more visitors for your existing site - and more potential customers for your business. This option has the advantage of a very specific target group by placing context-sensitive links where surfers are most likely to be interested in your site. See what we mean in our accommodation section.

We have several context-sensitive options:

  • eating & drinking section - visitors to this area of the site are investigating the best restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes and bars in the region
  • tour area - showing the local area, viewers are likely to be interested in tourist attractions
  • accommodation section, where surfers are looking for hotel or guest-house accommodation in the area
  • find-a-home section - people here are looking to buy/sell a home
  • history section - people looking here may be interested in antiques and other related items
  • maps section - popular with visitors to the area
  • information area, giving information of particular relevance to locals
  • main page - nearly all visitors see this page

Links in other areas of the site are available on request.

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This page last updated 26 November 2000