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A painting found in Canada and stored on the World Wide Web is to feature in an exhibition on trees and the arts. The painting, a view of Boulter's Lock in Maidenhead, can be seen on maidenhead.net - the town's internet web site (www.maidenhead.net). The exhibition is organised by the Tree Warden Scheme and runs from 28th August to 4th September at Maidenhead Library.

The picture, oil on canvas, is signed by "R. Allan" and was probably painted at the beginning of the century. The canvas itself is still in Canada but an electronic copy will form part of the exhibition called "Local Trees & The Arts." The exhibition aims to promote an awareness of the benefits of trees within the local community and will also include drawing, sculpture, woodcraft, embroidery, photographs and video. In parallel with the exhibition there will be a children's workshop at Braywick Nature Centre with art inspired by trees.

The painting of Boulter's Lock can be seen at maidenhead.net - the town's internet web site, featuring a photographic tour, a pub guide and local history amongst many other attractions. The web site's address is www.maidenhead.net - it was launched in November 1998.

Paul Baker, the creator of maidenhead.net said "The Tree Wardens found the painting on our site and liked it so much they asked to borrow it! We were happy to help them out because we, and the current owner, would like to know how it found its way to Canada. Visitors to the exhibition may be able to shed some light on the painting's history and provide more information about the artist."

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Copy of painting and screen-shots attached.

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