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Maidenhead's telephone numbers all start 01628.

Some old publications may still show an 0628 number, this was changed to 01628 on "PhOne Day" in 1995. On this day all UK geographical numbers had a 1 inserted after the initial 0.

All Maidenhead numbers are now six-figure, i.e. 01628 nnnnnn. Some old publications still show five-figure numbers. In this case a 6 is required at the beginning of the old 5-figure local number, i.e. 01628 6nnnnn. Five-figure numbers were changed in the second half of 1997.

Neighbouring exchanges include Reading (0118), Bracknell (01344), High Wycombe (01494), Slough/Windsor (01753) and Uxbridge (01895).

There is an official web based telephone directory provided by BT - this gives all residential and business telephone numbers (which are not ex-directory) in the country.

Telephone lines in the area are provided by both BT and The Cable Corporation, based in Langley.

Maidenhead numbers are not affected by the 2000/2001 number change - see

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