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The Shepherds Hut was a pub on Kimbers Lane in Maidenhead. The picture below was painted by Harry Houghton in around 1905. His cousin, Robert Chambers, was either the landlord or the owner of the pub at around that time. Robert Chambers died in 1927. The painting appears courtesy of Charles Chambers, Robert's grandson, who lives in the USA. It was given to Charles by his father, Col. Robert C Chambers RE MBE, in 1950.

The Shepherds Hut
The Shepherds Hut, Kimbers Lane, 1905. Note the copyright of the image above does not belong to Paul Baker.

In more recent times, Kimbers Lane has been split in two so that the A404(M) can pass through. The eastern half is still called Kimbers Lane. The western half, the site for the pub, was renamed Ockwells Road. The pub building chnaged to become the Farrier restaurant, and appears in our eating & drinking guide. The restaurant closed down in around 2007 and the building has been abandoned.

Thanks to Charles Chambers and Dave Burbage for making this page possible.

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