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The Yorkshire Rose Pub/bar Restaurant   Map ref: -
Warfield Street, Warfield Tel: 01344 483672

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Take the road to Bracknell from Maidenhead and you will pass this lovely looking (both inside and out) restaurant/bar. The bar, although small, does excellent food, plenty of choice and reasonable prices - lunch and dinner. Quantity as well as quality!

Walk through the bar area and take a couple of steps up to the restaurant. This is smarter and more formal than the bar and has two areas - the one you initially walk into and a cosy looking area through to the right with beams, a fire and soft lighting. Round tables and white table cloths help to make the restaurant look quite traditional. Main dishes available include duck in orange sauce and honey-glazed chicken with rice. Large selection of starters and a tempting sweet trolley! Let down slightly by the service. You should expect to pay around £22 per head for a 3-course meal with drinks. Seems to be very popular. Closed Sunday evenings. Although this is an old building, it was only granted a licence in the 1980's - it used to be a tea room.

On 22 March 2001, José María Deteran writes:

My name is Jose Maria Deteran, I am Spanish and have recently been in Bracknell, Maidenhead. I had been told that I shouldn't expect too much from the food over in England before I went over, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one place that I had found. As you may understand I am used to very good quality food and the same goes for service, as this is very habitual in Madrid. The food in the Yorkshire Rose.. On Forest Road (I have saved one of the business cards that they gave me as I shall definately return) was excellent. The service as well, I don't think I have ever enjoyed myself so much on a Thursday and Friday night. The building is very English and traditional, but the food has been diversificated excellently...a mixture between French, Portuguese, Spanish and English Cuisine.

Now that I have returned to Madrid, I still think in this restaurant. So I did a search on yahoo and found your site. I think the section that you have done on the Yorkshire Rose although short is reasonably good. Although I have one strong objection... You have stated that the service lets down the restaurant... That for me is completely against everything that I had witnessed. Everybody that I had talked to loved the service, and for me it was the service that made it such a pleasant experience for me. So I am a little down-hearted as I wonder if you are doing bad publicity for such a wonderful place, although it seems to me they are doing excellent anyway. I would advise you to reconsider changing your opinion, or maybe talk to the staff there and you will see that you are wrong. I was a little embarassing for me while recommending the restaurant to my work collegues..reading your article out loud....reading things that were completely against what I was saying.

On 10 May 2003, PhlWhy at aol dot com writes:

My husband and I have eaten a few times now in the restaurant of the Yorkshire Rose and have found the food and service absolutely wonderful.We are looking to return in the very near future with relatives for a family celebration.

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