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The Royal Oak (Paley Street) Pub/bar   Map ref: External site
Paley Street, White Waltham Tel: 01628 620541

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Bought by Michael Parkinson ("Parky") in summer 2001. After he bought it he said "I've filled it with memorabilia from all the television shows I've done, as well as other stuff from my particular interests, such as cricket. My son Nicolas, who trained at the Savoy, will be the licensee. It's an old English pub where I can put my feet up and contemplate the error of my ways." [Daily Telegraph, 16 July 2001] The pub is run mainly as a restaurant.

Alois and Margarita Mitter write on 28 February 2002:

The best Pub/Restaurant we have been to in over 15 years. The ambiance is superb, service friendlier than some Michelin starred Restaurants, food very enjoyable and value for money.

As someone who has been in the Hotel and Restaurant business at high quality level for over 35 years it was a delight to have come across an establishment that knows how and enjoys looking after customers.

It will become a regular watering hole for us.

Mike Spellman likes it too, writing on 4 September 2004:

We took a trip out after seing the Parky interview in the Observer. Not only was the place a real treat, the food was excellent and the man himself was chatting in the bar. Well worth the forty or so minutes trip from central London.

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