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Ocean Village Restaurant   Map ref: External site
117 Bridge Road Tel: 01628 638129

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This Indian restaurant can be expensive and is a short walk from the town centre, on the way to the river on the A4.

Lesley Markham writes on 24 October 2000:

Your guide comments that the 'Ocean Village' can be expensive. My experience is that this is far from true, they have a very good menu at reasonable prices and excellent service.

Tony Bridge writes on 4 January 2001:

Food is good value, certainly, and always well-cooked. But beware the beer prices - something like 3+ per pint of very ordinary lager. This can quickly push the cost of the meal up. Another caveat: they don't accept Switch/Debit cards...

On 26 August 2004, Danielle Green writes:

I have been several times to Ocean Village.
1. Food is really good
2. Not too expensive
3. Friendly staff
4. I did not feel we were rushed out to make room for new costumers.
5. Parking is almost always available near the restaurant.
6. can be rowdy on Friday nights.

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