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Norden Farm Pub/bar Restaurant   Map ref: -
Altwood Road Tel: 01628 682555

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This is a bistro and bar which are part of the attractively designed arts centre which opened in September 1999. The bar is small but has friendly staff and is open to children until 9.00pm. Beers (like Stella, no real ale), spirits and hot drinks (e.g. hot chocolate at 1.50) are served and there are a number of round tables in a foyer. Baguettes are served at lunchtime. The bistro takes up part of an old converted barn and features unusual high backed chairs covered in red fabric.

Juli Davis reports on the bistro on 4 January 2001:

The menu is quite short, but totally adequate, there is fish, meat, chicken and veggie and the food was delicious, the service very willing if somewhat inexpert (we thought the waiter was brand new) and the actual surroundings very pleasant. The prices are reasonable too and, of course, there is easy parking.

The only drawback was that there were not many people there; in fact only one other table was occupied. This may have promoted the good service, but takes away from the atmosphere.

Anyway, we can recommend it.

Why not add your comments to this review?

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