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Malik's Tandoori Restaurant   Map ref: External site
High Street, Cookham Tel: 01628 520085

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Tandoori on the High Street in Cookham. Intimate restaurant with well respected food and a small car park.

Tony Bridge writes on 1 January 2001:

A party of 10 of us went to Malik's just before Christmas. It seems to be an Italian restaurant converted to an Indian, with lots of dark Oak panelling, and a fabulous roaring open fire, just right with all the snow! Seated at the table, I was trying to guesstimate the bill, and added 20 per head when I spied Chris Rea at the next table.

We opted for the suggested 'All-in' starter which started as a tiny vegetable samosa for each of us, and then became two huge platters full of fabulous goodies. We were full after this, but still had to get through the main courses! Three of splashed out on Sikhandari Lamb (about 11.50, if I remember correctly), which turned out to be half a leg (each!) of the most beautifully slowly-cooked Lamb I've had outside of Greece, with a Chickpea accompaniment. None of us could do it justice after such a huge starter!

Other mains were equally as good and drew nothing but praise from a very critical bunch of Curry lovers.

I was right in my estimate of the bill, 35 a head which was reasonable considering what we had eaten (just beers and soft drinks, no wine).

Heartily recommended - though I spent rather more than normal on my lamb, there are many main courses for a more normal 6. If you opt for a smaller starter and stick with one of these less exotic mains, the bill will be much the same as for a normal High Street venue, but you may find yourself dining next to a Rock Star!

On 26 May 2001, Sue Down writes:

Very poor service, somewhat over-priced, food pretty average to be honest - not in the same league as The Spice Merchant in Beaconsfield or the Cookham Tandoori. I wouldn't go there again.

Liz Allsopp writes on 18 February 2002:

Quality ingredients (all the dishes were made with large chunks of chicken breast, whole vegetables or tender lamb), were beautifully cooked and all tasted different.

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