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Lane Nine Pub/bar   Map ref: O
Magnet Leisure Centre, St Cloud Way Tel: 01628 633899

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Whilst really not a pub, Lane Nine falls within the definition of the establishments allowed in this guide. The bar is part of the Magnet Leisure Centre and you can drink there without partaking of any of the sports facilities available. No food (apart from crisps/nuts) served, though there is a cafe-style eatery in the next room open during the day. The only non-smoking bar in Maidenhead, probably. Kronenburg and Fosters amongst the drinks available. Overlooks the main hall where you can watch badminton etc. Satellite TV, sometimes showing music based channels. "Refurbished" in late 1998, the comfy blue sofas were replaced with hard chairs and plastic-covered tables, the pool tables were taken away and the walls looked very bare until some classy framed photographs were put up. Some years later it was roughly halved in size (it never was very busy) and now looks more intimate although perhaps a little airless.

Overall, with its drab surroundings we'd suggest going elsewhere for your post-sport drinks, unless the smoke-free environment is very important to you.

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