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The King's Arms Pub/bar Restaurant   Map ref: External site
High Street, Cookham Tel: 01628 530667

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This Whitbread property used to be a Beefeater, and a fairly poor example too. In March 2001 it had a facelift and is now one of a chain of restaurants badged "Out and Out." Reports that the decor has improved inside. There is a garden but the High Street position is no-where near as good as the Ferry, just down the road by the river.

Bridget Hole comments on 9 January 2001 (when it was a Beefeater):

We stopped using this restaurant last year as it became very run down. It has now been redecorated and refurbished and there has been obvious thorough staff training. The unruly crowd who used to be a nuisance in the bar have disappeared and I would now recommend it for a pleasant, inexpensive meal.

Photograph taken May 2001

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