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The Horse and Groom Restaurant   Map ref: External site
Bath Road, Hare Hatch, Twyford Tel: 0118 940 3136

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This restaurant changed hands to a Blubecker restaurant in 2003. The review below remains for historical purposes only.

This Whitbread Beefeater restaurant is situated on the left as you drive towards Reading on the A4. It is one of many eating places along the road between Maidenhead and Reading, and has to be one of the last we would recommend. The bar area lacks charm and is rather small. The eating area to the left has some strange shaped sections at different levels and the usual "country look" additions on the walls - this time with a riding theme (including stirrups and bridles). The remainder of the establishment is decorated with rustic and woody decor. We visited on a quiet Thursday evening when they had run out of both salmon and ice - not difficult items for a national chain restaurant to keep in stock. The staff seemed disinterested and the soup was tepid and poorly presented.

On the positive side, the Brakspear beer was good and the service was fast. Quiet pop music plays in the background. The Beefeater chain has fairly recently (early 2000) changed its menus and removed the complimentary roll and butter and ice cream dessert. Let's hope our visit was an exception rather than the rule.

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