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Finnegan's Wake Pub/bar   Map ref: D
43 Queen Street Tel: 01628 634740

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Changed name now...?July 2004.

"It's the craic!" is the catch phrase used on the menus and posters. Used to be The Queens Arms until on 4 August 1997 this opened - Maidenhead's only "Irish" pub. There are about 20 pubs of the same name in the country. Live Irish music, which tends to be very loud in the evenings. Not very many seats, wooden flooring. One of the few pubs that really works both as a lunchtime place and an evening place, it's packed on weekend evenings. The lunches are chosen from a fairly large menu with an Irish bias, e.g. Irish Stew (although there's plenty of non-Irish stuff too), and are exceptionally good value. They don't do food every night. Worth a try if you're into the Irish scene. The Blue Legend web cam (available from the links section) sometimes gives a great view of this pub.

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