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Esquires Coffee House Cafe/sandwich bar   Map ref: External site
Nicholsons Walk Shopping Centre Tel: ?

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In September 2002 this coffee shop changed hands and became a "NoshNCoffee." However that did not last and this unit became a ladies' fashions shop. Perhaps this unit in the shopping centre is jinxed because soon that closed and it is to become an opticians (July 2004).

The review below relates to the time when it was Esquires; left here for historical interest.

Pleasant modern surroundings in this coffee house opened in September 2001. One of a chain of around 10 - a francise operation from the USA. Huge choice of drinks including Italian style milk shakes (1.90), hot chocolate, fruit juices and of course many varieties of coffee - including flavoured lattes (caramel, raspberry and mandarin amongst others). Quick counter service, modern decor and good choice of seating including some sofas, normal chairs and tall stools faced to look out on to the shopping centre's main central area. Some food, mainly cakes/gateaux. High chairs for little ones. Pop music playing but not loud. Worth a try if you like your coffee.

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