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The Emperor of India Restaurant Recommended town centre establishment Map ref: External site
5 Windsor Road, Braywick Tel: 01628 624100
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The Emperor of India opened in March 2002 after a change of ownership - until the beginning of 2002 the building was trading as The Stag at Bray. Now it has become a stylish and smart Indian restaurant, catering for those who are after a little more sophistication than an "after-beer curry." The interior has a calming and relaxing feel about it. Crisp white table cloths adorn the tables. Large blue and clear wine glasses stand next to heavyweight quality cutlery. Well designed lighting allows you to see what you're eating whilst keeping the overall light level fairly low.

But before you even get to your table you are likely to be welcomed warmly by one of the attentive staff. There is a seating area near the entrance where you can select from the menu whilst taking a drink (Kingfisher and Stella beer is served amongst others). Takeaways are also available from this area. Smoking is discouraged throughout the restaurant and only allowed near this entrance.

Once you reach your table you won't be disappointed with the quality of the food. Starters include the unusual Hash Tikka (duck marinated in yoghurt, 4.95). Main courses include Lucknavi Pasanda (lamb pasanda - mildly spiced fillet of lamb) at 7.95 and Murgh Shakoti (strips of chicken breast with garlic, coriander and green chillies at 6.95). Slightly more unusual mains include pan fried red mullet (fillet of mullet on a bed of spicy spinach with a white wine sauce) and pan fried salmon (fillets of salmon on a bed of spicy mashed potato). Pilau rice and nans are 2.25 and 1.95 respectively. Side salads served with the meals were crisp and fresh. There are some refreshing deserts available including Trufas (ice cream and chocolate truffles) and Bangla Bowl - mango, papaya and passion fruit mouse, both 3.50. The food is as good a quality as the surroundings you eat in and is fairly reasonably priced.

Very soft contemporary music plays in the background. Staff are very attentive, cheerful and observant (our candle kept blowing out and the staff continued relighting it until it stayed lit).

The restaurant seats around 80 and has tables arranged around a bar area. The candle-lit tables also have fresh flowers, adding to the luxury feel.

The Emperor of India is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. On Sundays a self-service buffet is served for 10.95 per person.


Location: On the A308 Windsor/Maidenhead road, just off the Braywick roundabout - around half a mile from junction 8/9 of the M4 and a similar distance from the town centre.

History: This pub re-opened in July 1997 with the new name "The Stag at Bray" and prettier looking brickwork after a re-fit. Up until around March 1997 it was one of the many pubs in the country called Pig In Hiding. (Before it was called Pig In Hiding it was known as The Stag and Hounds).

Photo taken September 2002

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