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Bar 38 is a very stylish looking bar on 2 levels right next to the cinema, and part of the same physical building. Some whacky coloured lighting and seating (like the huge sofa at the back) give a fun atmosphere with a hint of sophistication. Different sized tables and types of chairs allow this bar to be used as an intimate meeting place with your loved one, or a get-together with friends. There is further seating upstairs and the unusual semi-unisex toilets, where both men and women wash their hands in a communal area. The bar itself is downstairs. There are waiters and waitresses to serve at your table, which has a menu listing a number of cocktails (including non-alcoholic (virgin)). There's also a variety of food presented in "grazing style" to share. Beers include draft Becks at 2.80/pint. Children are allowed in until 7 pm, soon after that they liven thngs up with some loud music. A smart looking bar that's worth a try.

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