Maidenhead Carnival 2001 - Maidenhead Carnival

Maidenhead Carnival

Maidenhead Carnival
Saturday 9 June 2001

Maidenhead's Charity Day Out...

This year's carnival is promising to be even better than ever, with many stalls and activities already organised.

The carnival will have a French theme and there will be more varieties of food on offer, including bread and cakes from a French baker, making the trip across the Channel specially for the day!

A huge £7,000 was raised last year; this year the figure is hoped to be even higher.


The town centre will be host to around 20 stalls from 10am to 4pm. Then, along the riverside will be another 50 or so stalls in the afternoon, from 2pm to 11pm.

Listen out for Jewel FM, a temporary radio station set up in the town to cover the event. Broadcasting on 97.9 FM, it will be heard throughout Maidenhead from 3 to 17 June, broadcasting 24 hours/day.

Last year, the town centre was a venue for a number of music groups, notably the Maidenhead Concert band, right and below, and Basically Saxes, bottom. Both bands are due to make reappearance this year.

Other music events include recorder players, Maidenhead Operatic Society, the Zephyr Wind Band and the French Mique-Mac band. Watch out too for artists, jugglers and acrobats!

And don't forget the Rag Regatta from 2.30 to 7.00pm where, as ever, "little or no experience is preferred!"

Photos shown are from the Maidenhead Carnival 2000.

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