Maidenhead Carnival 2005 - Maidenhead Carnival - Maidenhead Carnival 2005

Maidenhead Carnival

Maidenhead Carnival
Saturday 11th June 2005

Maidenhead's Charity Day Out...

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Continental market, King Street

Continental market, High Street

Stuffed olives at the continental market, which was much bigger this year.

Taeppa's Tump Morris Dancers on the High Street

Taeppa's Tump again - in the middle of a dance (left) and...

right, a dancer looks on from the sidelines and awaits her turn.

Visit the Taeppa's Tump website (opens new window).

Taeppa's Tump musicians, above.

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Taeppa's Tump Morris Dancing
10 seconds
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One half of Jones & Barnard...

...and here's the other half.

Jones & Barnard in full swing on the High Street in a daring act involving flying knives, a straight jacket and a pint of beer.

The performance tent in Riverside Gardens; Zephyr Wind Band(?)
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Maidenhead Concert Band
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General view of Riverside Gardens.

The Carnival Queen Stephanie Wheeler with Martin Trepte on the Maidenhead Advertiser stand in Riverside Gardens. Martin is the paper's editor.

Sumo wrestlers battle it out in Riverside Gardens.

The Lions train running along Ray Mead Road. Regrettably there was no regatta this year due to difficulties obaining insurance for the fun activities on the river.

The top of the giant slide.

Bird's eye view of Riverside Gardens.

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