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Friday 25 August 2000

Travellers settled on parkland today, near a Maidenhead school. They entered the area, part of Braywick Park, this morning. The exact location was the Braywick Nature Centre, close to Wimbury School, Hibbert Road.

Around a dozen caravans and other vehicles were parked on the land. Unfortunately, there were reports of criminal damage, intimidation and abuse and the police were called. They served an eviction notice effective within 24 hours. The travellers are now off the land.

Story and photo credit: David Burbage and Vladislav Nebolsine.

Two of the vehicles

Two of the vehicles

A parked caravan Some rubbish left on the site

Above: A parked caravan, and some rubbish left on the site

More rubbish Damage caused by a fire
More rubbish, apparently just a small part of what was left Damage caused by a fire |  Copyright | Legal notice |
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