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Raising money for a permanent location

After 13 years serving the local community from 6 temporary homes, Maidenhead’s voluntary-run Heritage Centre is hoping to buy outright 12 High Street, next to the Bear Hotel. This would be the perfect location for the permanent home for the Heritage Centre, where Maidenhead's wonderfully varied history can be preserved and celebrated for generations to come.

Deadlines are too tight for giant fund-raising events and applications to the Lottery etc, so Chairman Richard Poad is asking for support from everyone who agrees that history matters, and that Heritage Centre deserves a permanent home. In just 3 weeks, promises for more than £320,000 have been collected, including pledges from local celebrities such as Michael Parkinson. More pledges are pouring into the Heritage Centre in King Street every day.

Appeal organisers are confident that they can double the amount pledged within the next three weeks. “With Gift Aid increasing the value of a £100 donation to £128, a pledge from one in every 25 Maidonians would take us to this target. Make a big enough pledge and the main gallery could be named in your honour!”

Time is very short. To pledge your support for the Heritage Centre appeal please email your details as soon as possible to

For further information and to learn about the work of the Maidenhead Heritage Centre, visit their website at:

Maidenhead Heritage Centre - Preserving and celebrating our local history.

Update November 2006

The Maidenhead Heritage Centre was unsuccessful in their attempt to buy 12 High St, however it has announced it has agreed to purchase 18 Park Street, Maidenhead, the former Cricketers Arms pub. This is great news and we look forward to them moving in to their new home soon.

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Update August 2008

The Maidenhead Heritage Centre has now opened in its new location of 18 Park Street. We wish them every success in their smart new home. | © Copyright | Legal notice |
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