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Stafford Rangers 2 - 0 Maidenhead United

Match report - Tuesday 21 November 2006 kick off 7.45 pm.

Part of the large crowdThis game was a replay of the FA Cup first round after a draw at Stafford. Maidenhead United were attempting to reach the second round for the first time in 120 years - so there was a lot of excitement at the York Road ground.

Founded in 1870, Maidenhead United reached the quarter finals of the FA Cup in 1872/3, 1873/4 and 1874/5.

Left: Part of the large crowd.

Maidenhead United failed to provide the performance that won them a replay last week at Stafford. In front of a huge crowd of just over 1900, the Stripes attack made little impact on the sound defence of Stafford Rangers lead by their no. 5 Nathan Talbot who was outstanding and took charge of everything in the air and most of the ground balls too.

Lee Newman about to kick offStafford were taller, fitter and were rarely threatened.

Right: Lee Newman about to kick off.

United started slowly and conceeded a goal after about 10 minutes. This seemed to spur on our boys and they took greater control in the centre of the park.

Following sustained pressure the Magpies were awarded a penalty after a blatant push. Unfortunately Craig O'Connor walloped the ball against the cross bar and nearly took the ironwork into the St John's Ambulance compound next door.

Watch video of the missed penalty:


If you can't see the video, try this link.

2nd half woes

On-pitch actionThis was the closest United came to scoring and in the second half Stafford played well within themselves to contain a Maidenhead side which was tiring.

The home crowd were entertained by a streaker who ran through the Stafford defence and dived on to the turf and vaulted the perimeter fence to disappear behind the railway stand. In the second half, unfortunately home fans had little else to cheer.

Watch video of the streaker:


If you can't see the video, try this link.

Perhaps distracted by the unusual entertainment, Maidenhead conceeded a second goal seconds after the restart.

Some more action from the field:

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A panoramic video of the whole ground during the 2nd half of the game:

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Stafford Manager Phil Robinson being interviewed after the matchLater, a nasty crash in the Maidenhead penalty area had Magpies goalkeeper Chico Ramos floored for 5 minutes and Staffordshire's Robin Gibson for longer. Gibson was stretchered off and later reported to be in a neck brace. We wish him well.

Right: Stafford Manager Phil Robinson being interviewed after the match.

Stafford were by far the better side on the night.

Roll on next year!

Report by Bob Baker.
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