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Flooding in Maidenhead
Flooding in Maidenhead

You may also be interested in looking at the Maidenhead Advertiser web site. The paper version is published every Thursday. Established in 1869, it includes "From Our Files" - a look back at the stories from previous year's editions. One story from May 1878 caught our eye:
Two ne'er-do-wells, charged by borough magistrates with "tickling pretty nursemaids under the chin" came in for a lambasting from Looker-On [a form of editorial]. "Girls shrink from rude touches and course salutes as plants do from frost," he wrote. "I am afraid there is only one way of making our roads safe and pleasant to the petite femmes, and that is by placing a constable somewhere at hand with a stout bamboo in his grip. Roughs, like weeds, flourish most in neglected by-ways and obscure corners."

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