Maidenhead Mailing List - Maidenhead Mailing List

The Maidenhead Mailing List is an unmoderated email list with discussion focussed on the town of Maidenhead in Berkshire, England.

Topics can include recommended places to go, Maidenhead in the past, the future of the town, news items, politics, the surrounding villages, the sporting facilities, Maidenhead's people, the changes, what it's like to live/work in or visit the town. In fact anything goes - as long as it involves Maidenhead.

List participants could be residents, past residents, possible future residents, visitors, anyone.

The bridge plaque
The plaque by the sounding arch, part of Brunel's railway bridge across the Thames.
The list is unmoderated and therefore anyone can say anything, but posters who are off-topic may be removed. No blatant commercialism is allowed.

It's completely free. Joining the list is simple - just follow the instructions below.

Once you have successfully joined the list you can then post emails to the list. Note that only list members may post to the list and your first post(s) will be moderated - both these measures are to prevent spam.

Of course, you need not say anything, you can just listen, in which case no-one will know you're there...

Messages from the list will have "[maidenhead]" in the subject line to ease identification.

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