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Maidenhead Carnival

Maidenhead Carnival 2007
was due to be held on
Saturday 9th June but was cancelled

Maidenhead's Charity Day Out...


Why was the 2007 event cancelled?

For many years the finale concert was held across the River Thames from Riverside Gardens and was supported by the paper mill who owned the land. The paper mill has since sold the land and so it is no longer available for the finale concert. Attempts were made to hold the concert in Riverside Gardens itself but this later proved unworkable as there were not sufficient exits in the case of an emergency. By the time this was discovered it was too late to find an alternative location. The Carnival was cancelled.

The view

Years ago the Carnival included a rag regatta on the River Thames and that in itself gave good reason to "split" the location of the day between the town centre and the river. Then a few years ago the inevitable and irritating health and safety/insurance issues stopped the rag regatta. Since the finale concert was still across the river, the Carnival was still held in both locations. Now the finale concert cannot go ahead there, there is no reason to use the river location at all. There is very little space there and there is nothing in particular to see that can't be done elsewhere. We think the Carnival would be better staged in the town centre as on previous occasions and later in one of the large parks, e.g. Kidwells or the town moor at the back of the fire station. These are both within walking distance of the shopping areas of town and provide more space than by the river. There would be room for a large stage for afternoon and evening events and many more attractions.

To be clear: this is in no way a criticism of the carnival committee, who we know work tirelessly each year to put on a great show.

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