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Maidenhead.net - Business directory - Terms and conditions


There are a number of terms and conditions regarding entry of a business to the maidenhead.net web site.

1. Free entries, which may be added at any time, may be removed without warning or explanation - no warranty is offered that a free entry in the directory will always be available.

2. Entries may be edited by maidenhead.net staff if considered unsuitable or inappropriate.

3. Businesses based and operating in Maidenhead and within 4 miles of Maidenhead town centre may enter the directory. This area stretches North to Bourne End, East to Burnham, South to Fifield and West to Littlewick Green. The area includes villages and areas such as Cookham, Cookham Dean, Cookham Rise, Taplow, Bray, Holyport, White Waltham, Woodlands Park, Cox Green and Furze Platt.

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